Friday, 6 December 2013

What's Travel Punter

Since early childhood I fancied Air-Planes, watching them roaring pass up in the Air was a great pastime, remembering their logo's, counting hourly take off's and landing’s. In my own world I was a Traffic controller above my Aunt's Terrace. Finally one day the dream turned into reality from BOM 2 DXB, and now gliding across Asia, Africa and Europe. 

What Travel Punter is all about?

Punter in Mumbai is usually phrased for mates, buddies, I won’t get much in to the definition in English but it kicks in well with my travel adventures.

People and Places- Travel Punter
We here at travel punter aim to cover full gamut of your desired Travel destinations. A night spend in Budget hostels, a guide to where local's eat, secret night's for Travel punters and information on Sightseeing, Museum's, Art Galleries as and when they open their doors and How to get most of the city experience for free.

I always believe "when you have little time and little Money" you should take that Bus, Plane or ferry to the favourite place you always dreamed of. I just don't go to the places to put a tick on the map, I love to explore sustainable paths, meet new people share food in common kitchen's, & swap stories with other traveller's. Sounds Interesting, Isn't? 

I had a wonderful memories, in 162 International cities in 39 Countries, appearing in Czech Republic Erasmus Radio, Crossing borders by foot to save on International train fares, By-Cycled free in Old town Riga, Hitch-hiking with European Driver's and even got scammed in few Cities..(Oh! Yes!!)

No matter, whether the journey was good or bad it’s always wise to learn from other's experience. Writing needs lot of time and dedication, your comments are valuable to me, fellow Traveller's and above all our readers to help us shape and grow with this page. 

Wishing you and yours a Happy  and Safe Travelling, 

Thanking you,