Thursday, 19 December 2013

Who is Klaus Heidi?

This recent marketing Campaign  by Lufthansa is a case study to follow for MBA punters, When Economist tweeted the winner it immediately caught my eye, raising eye brows, and questions to follow, Can people, really go that extent to change their names to participate in the contest?

Why not, Since each year thousands of Swedes change their names, The Marketing tool behind Lufthansa campaign was to find one Swedish, who  loves Berlin so much that he/she is legally willing changes name to Klaus Heidi.
Apartment of Klaus Heidi- Lufthansa Photo
What's the Reward for Klaus Heidi?
A motivational Essay was a condition for running upto the Competition, Perks included were :
  • One way ticket to Berlin,
  • Taxi Ride from Berlin Airport to it's new house, A fully furnished apartment with one year paid rent,
  • Klaus Heidi new Bike
  • German Language Course, Plus other Goodies and amenity packs
So who is Klaus Heidi?

Klaus Heidi Andersson -Lufthansa Photo
Competition went so viral, that Lufthansa had to close it one month early, 42 Klaus Heidi were short-listed out of which Mr Andersson (as seen above) appeared to be the winner on Saturday December 14, 03. Where as 41 other Klaus Heidi's runner ups got elite frequent-flyer status and 60,000 miles. 

Would you run for the same? 
As a miles hacker being myself looking for almost in every notch.. I will. why not? even 60,000 miles can punter me miles away to new destinations.

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Here is the Video ran by Lufthansa

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