Thursday, 26 December 2013

Discount Hotel in Wroclaw

It took us 30 mins by walk from Wroclaw Station to Wroclawski Kompleks Szkoleniowy; a perfect quiet place around the parks and residential area.
Pre-booking was easy with, we immediately received confirmation from the hotel administration on directions and what to expect on facilities.
Check-in was very swift with Mr. Pawal at reception he was kind enough to provide us with city map and mark famous landmark around Wroclaw.
We were escorted by his assistant to our double bed room, which was on fourth floor, unfortunately there was no elevator to lift us up with our heavy backpack.
Beds were nicely made up when we arrived, nice to see a small television, and a working desk, with curiosity I hopped towards window to find out what lies, Yeah I can see tree blocking my view, somewhat nicking up and beyond I can catch a glimpse of park.

Our Room at Wroclawski Kompleks Szkoleniowy
For Budget hackers like us, our next stop was to check out the common kitchen on the floor , I was impressed with space, a decent size of fridge, and dinner table to find, so we don’t have to run with our plates to the Room, enough cutlery’s on shelf, but my only dismay was not to find adequate pots and pans.

Taking sum of everything in need, lastly it was time to take a shower check, I'm usually cynical on this cubicles you don't know what to expect from them on entering. I was happy this time around I didn't have to work too hard to reach on desired temperature felt ease on getting out without being spanked by the walls
WIFI password provided worked well inside the room, we found couple of chairs in the corridor to relax, and a no smoking sign around.
This hotel is best suited for business Travellers and backpackers, Hotel also offer’s conference rooms and banquet halls for events. I usually prefer budget hostels or cheap hotels with breakfast included, but it was not the case with Wroclakwski Kompleks Szkoleniowy. There wasn't any breakfast on offer. The Choice for us was slightly exception due to its location and affodability.
We paid 22€ for night, which we thought was the best price, after running through other offers provided online.
"The Review mentioned is my sole Opinion, I wasn't been paid or lured in anyway to write this"

Contact Details:- 
Wroclakwski Kompleks Szkoleniowy
Sztabowa 100, Krzyki,
Wroclaw 53-310.
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