Sunday, 1 December 2013

Five Things to do in Poznań

In order to catch every country in the world, the capital cities are on my usual check list mainly due to her ease, convenience in getting there and later to move on further. With so many social networks in place these days, It’s still hard to find whereabouts of whom you know, But Thanks to Facebook I found an app MochaMeet it sources cities in which your friends are living, through which I came to know one my good Friend, (Oh!! Yeah I got many) who has just moved from Berlin to her birth city Poznan, in Poland.
That was it, after few emails exchanged I took my comfy bag to head to her place for 2nights from Katowice, She told me "Poznan is fifth largest city, considered as birth place of Poland, with many Universities around it’s also known as student’s city, which can be easily explored on foot.

 Ø  Top 5 things you shouldn't miss to see when you are there:-

A) Old Town Square :- Everything Polish talk about is Rynek, literally means the Main Square, unlike other town Square’s, I found this one more less crowded. Anna, had already prepared me to be fascinated about old medieval houses and beautiful renaissance town hall from 13th century in the middle of square, which once stood as city administrative office. The building now houses a historical museum. The Grand vestibule, the royal room and the court room of the Building are famous for its beautiful stucco and artistic crafts. Every noon crowd gather outside the building to see famous billy-goats (a symbol of Poznan) emerging out, above the clock horning each other

þ Museum Working Hours : 

Tuesday to  Thursday
9:00 – 15:00
12:00 – 21:00
Saturday  & Sunday
11:00 – 18:00

þ Punt Measure:
Free Admissions on Saturday

Reduced Prices

* Museum Webpage Source,:  
Parish Church

B) Parish Church of St. Stanislaus :- Not  far from the sight of Old town square, newly renovated Baroque church is worth visiting. During my visit the mass service was running, the glimpse of what I could get was stunning with magnificent art, Visitors are frequented mainly to hear the organ concert taking place on noon each Saturday and during service on Sundays.

C) Park Cytadela :-  I asked my friend Anna, Why a visit to park? A yet another one in Poland, But she reframe it saying “it’s one of the largest park, with few idiosyncratic sculptures, War museum equipped with tanks and Airplanes.” Wow!!, “Not far, Tram No. 4 will take us if you don’t like to walk” She said

After a thought, we took a walk. When I arrived, Yeah.. It’s a big one.. A small pond lays in the middle, during the winter it’s her favourite place for skiing she said, the group of headless statues aligned gives you numerous thoughts, Kids looked happy passing through war tanks, climbing trucks, touching old aircrafts in open ground of Army museum, Nannies taking on their agenda’s to rose garden, wandering dogs with their family members.. A pretty green lush park also host for many events during summer.
D) Cathedra of Sr. Peter and St. Paul:-  Second day, On route to Malta lake, We thought of taking visit to the cathedra, my knowledge about arts is getting enriched mainly by visiting Churches, and after being to Parish Church day earlier, The cathedra of St. Peter and St. Paul would not take much of your time
E) Malta Lake:-  On our way, I told Anna, Polish citizens love their park & nature, I mean there are so many to be found in ever polish cities compared to the population the park’s are enormous and well taken care of, Once there, we took a mini train ‘Maltanka’ which takes her time in running giving us ample of time for chit-chat. There wasn't much of activity other than watching cyclist huffing pass us. But she told it’s place to watch out in early July, when Malta festival takes place each year. It’s highlight of the city.
Hungry Now ?
We have invested lot of my energy, to get something delicious in return; one of the advantages of being with a local is that they take you to cool places, which you won’t find on guide books. 
This place is paradise for pancake lovers But wait I said “Pancake for Lunch?” But Manekin is not a place for ordinary pancakes, When we arrived people were queuing outside waiting for their turn to find tables, considering the fact it accommodate 100’s like us.

After waiting for 10 minutes, we were escorted to a table for two, Thankfully the waitress spoke English from the given menu I saw variety of Pancakes stuffed with Cheese, meat, strudel Vegetables, spaghetti, Lasagna,  for sweet tooth’s it also serves pancakes with Banana, Biscuits, Nutella and berries.

Ø  Anna took, Burrito (Shap) comes with minced meat, red and white beans, tomato, corn, cheese, onion and spicy sauce. 
Ø  From the given variety I gave thought to my Indian tongue, It said Indian pancake, Spicy, leafy, with vegetables... reminded me of “Dosa”(Similar to pancake but from rice flour)
Hmm! The first bite, we stopped talking, more into digging in with forks..., It later turnout that Anna’s Burrito pancakes were spicier than mine, she had to give a call for a mint tea.

þ Punt Measure:  Avg. Pancake 14 PLN for each  Manekin at ul Kwiatowa 3. 

Shopping, Why not?  At world’s best shopping centre

I more like to take my time getting out from the Lunch mode, But Anna hurried me to Shopping complex, She said it’s must a visit.. “They have turned old Brewery into shopping complex and art gallery. 

At 42 Polwiejska Street it's now a houses hundreds of shops,restaurants, Movie halls and most importantly arts and exhibition from local artist, with 1000's of parking spot to offer. This place really stood out with structure and excellence in design. The Complex is most talked about after winning as "World best shopping centre"

For the latest news and Art events before visiting, check the StaryBrowar homepage.

Punting in Poznan :-
By Bus :- My Preferred choice is, from 40PLN it can ferry you from Berlin or 20 PLN from Warsaw.

By Train:- Berlin-Warsaw Express halts at Poznan, Whereas, makes connections from locally.

Around:- Other than eating peanuts, collecting free tourist guide map is my hobby. Which can fetch from Poznan tourist Information office located at Old Town Square, Building 59/60, opening from 9am in Summer and 10am during winter.

Cost of Living in Poland- For Survival Guide Click8

City Card :-
I also know many of whom love collecting Tourist City cards; I don’t fancy them unless they are really worth for every penny. Poznan City card info can be sourced from Info
It comes in following versions: 
            Public Transport     No Public Transport

1 day          35 PLN                     30 PLN

2 day          49 PLN                     35 PLN

3 day          59 PLN                     45 PLN 

Public Transport:-
Bus/ Tram
-       Upto 15 mins  Ride        
2.80/ 1.40 PLN
-       Upto 30 mins Ride
3.60/ 1.80 PLN
-       Upto 60 mins  Ride        
4.20/ 2.10 PLN
-       24 Hours Ticket Valid in A/B Zone
12.80/ 10.70 PLN
* There is student discount for ISIC holders under the age of 26, in all public transport, It always better to    buy extra tickets in hand  as Ticket vending machines are not available on ever stop/station.

* Do not forget to validate your ticket after boarding the bus/ Tram, If you are not sure ask someone where to punch it,  There is on the spot fine of 140 PLN + cost of ticket if your caught by ticket inspector.

A Great thank note to our Host Anna's and her family, without them I wouldn't have been able to hack 2 nights in Poznan for 30€.

* Finally A Short Video of the City.