Saturday, 21 December 2013

Border Crossing between Czech Republic- Český Těšín and Poland-Cieszyn

Firstly you won’t click this page if you weren't interested in saving few bucks, The post was so popular among students on that I have to move it permanently for our international readers on this blog. After all our goal at Travel Punter is to fetch you more beers and spend less on transit services.

We would like you to read this carefully until the end, as we provide you two options, Time-Consuming/ Time Saving both are cheapest option with mere differences depends on how much time you got.
At Border Crossing Point

Why is this Route so popular:-
For Travel Prons Katowice and Krakow are the cheapest flying option in/out of Central Europe, a clean cheat for Wizz-Ryan airlines bargain hunters. Czech Republic to Poland, such as Prague-Krakow,/Brno-Krakow,/Brno-Katowice, or vice versa from Poland cities to Czech Republic.

Plan A- Time Consuming:- How to get there
Foremost, you have to be familiar with Czech/Polish sister cities names, Czech Republic side of city is Cesky Tesin where as Polish side of the city is called as Cieszyn.
From Point A visit Czech Railway website, which runs domestic services from Brno, Prague, and other domestic cities in Czech Republic.

Approx Prices on as on Dec 21,2013
Point of Origin
Journey Time
One way
Cesky Tesin
 3 hours
260 CZK or 10€
490CZK or 18€
Cesky Tesin
5 Hours
340 CZK or 12€
535CZK or 19.5€
·        Additional Discounts on CD.CZ
·        Return tickets – 5%
·        Group of 2 or more between 30-50% +
·        Online booking 3% Discounts
Great deal isn’t ?

What next? Once you are on Cesky Tesin Railway station you have to walk on foot to cross border towards Polish side of Cieszyn, On Below link you will find directions given on the map for your easy reference, It takes approximately 20 mins for slow walker like me the streets are pretty calm the local population are friendlier to guide you in case required, most of them speak Polish or German.

To Download the Google Map :- Click here

At Point B- Cieszyn:- The polish side of Bus stop :-
Numerous bus services local and private are running from this stop every half/hourly to cities such as Katowice/Krakow and Oswiecim/ Auschwitz.

Here are Links to some of the Polish bus agencies to Plan for:
·        Katowice    Bus Brothers
·        12PLN / 2.8€
·        Journey time 1.5 Hours
·        Krakow  Comfort Bus
·        18PLN/ €4.30
·        Journey time 3 Hours
·    2PLN Discount for Students

 ·        Tickets can be purchased in cash from the driver.

Alternatively Plan B: Time Saving
StudentAgency has luxurious coaches with entertainments and free drinks, as name suggest it offers discounts to Student ISIC card holders, moreover, you don't need to hop around borders just once change in Ostrava 
Approx prices:-

·        Brno to Katowice
·        27.30 € Oneway
·        Appx. Journey time 5 Hours
·        Prague to Katowice
·        26.50 € Oneway
·        Appx. Journey time 6 Hours

·        Brno Krakow
·        27.70 € Oneway
·        Appx. Journey time 6 Hours
·        Prague Krakow
·        30.50 € Oneway
·        Appx. Journey time 7 Hours

I have personally taken both options several times to and fro, Time consuming still remains my favourite. I recommend taking some extra time and visiting Cieszyn main square- ‘Rynek’ on route which has much of sightseeing for Travel Punter’s delight.

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