Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Hunt for Dwarf figurines in Wroclaw

Ever heard of ‘Dwarfs of Wroclaw’ asked my friend Weronika as she knew I was writing on Poland cities, she didn’t wanted her city to miss out. Along with my friend Angel we took six hours bus journey from Warszawa towards Wroclaw to hear her city story.

Water Tower
After leaving our backpack at Wroclawski Kompleks Szkoleniowy 
Hotel, a strange building looked like about to take off on the space drew our attention. A fancy restaurant waiter outside the building told us it’s called as ‘Water Tower’ you can take a lift to have a panoramic view of the city.
I said Angel let’s see the city from the ground first; kind waiter guided us towards the main square letting us leave for our hunt on dwarfs.

“Omg! Haha.. I see one, oh they are so cute” Angel exclaimed! I said don’t scare people around you, we will see many more like this. I can’t believe she has so much energy early morning to scream like that, thank god I met Weronika now at least I have third person to talk to, but it soon turned out when two girls met it was like a market of stories. I had to interrupt to ask what’s the stories behind this Dwarfs. 
Dwarfs of Wroclaw
Weronika said most of locals don’t like them as we keep stumbling upon them they are so small, it initially started representing political movement and later city embraced it even we don’t know how many of them are there. Wroclaw is looking forward for to be the next Krakow drawing more tourists to the city, moreover the city won the race to European city of the Culture in 2016.

We walked towards Rynek (main square), typical lined with restaurants and beautiful buildings glittering with artistic design upon them, I love mix crowd at Rynek was a perfect scenery to watch, Local street artist performing in Front of town hall, Children’s running with balloons, looked like whole city was having a picnic.
Rynek of Wroclaw
Where to Eat? Weronika being student herself knows the best bargain place not far from rynek ‘Bar mis’ at 48,Kuznicza Street  is a perfect place for budget hunters, though the cashier doesn’t speak English, I guess there is always student lined up to lend you help in translation. The choices given on the menu almost let me jump on everything. Cost 1.5 Zloty for a starter soup to 4 zloty for main dish. No wonder why I see elderly, homeless, workers, students and professors waiting on queue for their turn, it must be cheaper eating here than cooking at home I said to Weronika.
Budget Place to eat Nr. Rynek at Bar Mis
Bar mis’ Opened from
Mon-Fri – 7:00 – 18:00 Hours
Saturday-  8:00 – 17:00 Hours
University Church :- Is worth a visit Weronika said, it is known for its impressive furnishings, fresco’s and paintings the most beautifully preserved in Wroclaw and in Poland.
Wroclaw University Church
Walk towards Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
Street Art of Wroclaw

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