Saturday, 28 December 2013

What to do in Warsaw

Polish Cities are getting colder as we travel, Moreover me and Angel are excited as we were going to kick start our journey towards Baltic and Scandinavia from here on.

Things to do in Warszawa 
Restored from ashes after being completely destroyed by Nazis during second World War. Today it is largest city and Capital of Poland.

The city looks dynamic with modern sky scrappers, historic monuments and stunning artefacts. 

My vibes towards the city kept changing every hour I crossed, some times bringing in sadness with the amount of monuments, refreshing with the vast parks, comely with the arts and street graffiti.
Mermaid - Symbol of Warsaw City
STOP A - Old Town Square
As usual me and Angel started our walk early morning beating the rest of the tourist, we walked straight towards Mermaid (Symbol of the City).. Ow!! Our excitement didn't last long, she was out of our sight blocked by construction walls. Where Next? Royal castle should be the next catch said Angel, I can understand due to her love for painting's and arts. 
Punting Tip- Free for Visitors on Sunday
Link for Timing's Royal Castle    

Royal Castle in Warsaw
STOP B - Stalin's Wedding Cake 
The landmark site of Warsaw is host to Multiplex, Café's, Tourist information office and Palace of Culture and Science, If you would like to take a glimpse of the city for 15 PLN head to 30th Floor, The front desk at the entrance and tourist information office, guides you to the desired places of interest, We took one floor down towards canteen for some snacks.
Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw

STOP C - Hala Mirowska - Market,
This Bazaar is local's delight, Century old market has everything you need for our day to day life, from fresh fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, to quick fix at Tailor's, and Cobblers shop. 
Hala Mirowska Market

STOP D - Lazienki Park,
What I most liked about Warsaw was it's park's, During our two night's in Warszawa strolling around parks took most of our time, They were so well maintained we didn't felt like getting out from them, Among all, Lazienki Park spreaded over 72 hectares is the largest and most remarkable to visit, Starting from monument of famous pianist Frederic Chopin,to Neoclassical  Palaces, AmphiTheatre, Canals and Temple of Diana, welcomes us on Royal Route inevitably by squirrels,Ducks, chirping birds and Peacocks.
Lazienki Park
As light started getting dimmer, we headed back to Old town square to stroll under street lights.       
University of Warsaw
STOP E - University of Warsaw,
This magnificent building is worth watching under lights, we also heard from our polish friends the university roof top gardens have a delightful view. which is on the way of Royal route, we sat down on the comfy benches of the campus area for quick coffee.
Monument and Graffiti in Warsaw
Warsaw monuments and Graffiti      
City monuments underline turbulent history of   Poland, local's light lamps, offer flowers. The Warsaw uprising monument was going under renovation covered with barriers, so as the tomb of Unknown soldiers, We passed across ,many woebegone graffiti reminding struggle of brave polish souls.

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Getting in from Warsaw Modlin Airport
The Cheapest way from Warsaw Modlin Airport to Warszawa central is to take combi ticket (Bus+Train) sold inside the terminal for 12PLN, shuttle bus takes you to Modlin train station and from there on train to Warsaw, The ticket is further valid for one hour in Warsaw to help you reach at your final destination.     

You might be approach by many Taxi drivers and privates bus operators, Just smile and say (Jen-koo-yeh) Thank you.

Getting around Warsaw,
Due to it's extensive network, I would prefer to provide direct link of local transport Authority on Tariff